How to Evaluate an HR and Compliance Management System


How to Evaluate an HR and Compliance Management System
Monday, March 21, 2011

Key HR and Compliance Management System Evaluation Questions:

  • Does the system reduce the need to maintain multiple methods of storing employee HR info, safety records, training history, etc.?
  • Does the system manage time-off requests for employees?
  • Does the system support your company’s specific work flow process?
  • How strong is the content library? Who are the subject matter experts?
  • Does the system integrate with additional training providers on safety, environment, HR, sales, professional development, etc.?
  • Does the system connect you with industry experts to address questions on Employment Law,
  • Benefit Administration, Workers’ Compensation, Healthcare Reform, Accounting and Law, etc.?
  • Does the system manage driver safety?
  • Does the system provide HR and compliance news (RSS feeds, CCH)?
  • How strong is the service level agreement? Full support included? Customization?
  • Does your insurance carrier either provide a discount for using the system or consider its use in the underwriting?
  • Does the system provide other useful HR tools (Employee phone and email directory, news feeds, announcements)?
  • Does the system manage Environmental, Health & Safety programs on the same platform (as opposed to disparate systems)? Injury and Illness Prevention? Hazard Communication (Right To Know), Ergonomics, Lockout/Tagout, Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality, Emergency Action Plan, Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks, Hazardous Waste Management, Hazardous Materials Management, and more?
  • Does the system allow you to upload additional HR and corporate documents and connect to outside systems (such as benefits providers, corporate sites, intranet, etc.)?
  • Does the system support accounting and payroll workflow?
  • Does the system allow you to look up or reference state-specific HR material?
  • Are all documents stored in privacy enforced, secure, electronic employee records?
  • Does the system provide executive level analytics to manage exceptions and dive down issues with specific employees and/or groups?
  • Are employee records easy to access, manage, extract and print, in the event that you need to provide them to outside counsel, or enforcement?
  • Does the system track HR and compliance information for all employees? Does it provide standardized enforcement of compliance for all employees?
  • Does the system allow you to target required and non-required content to distinct groups or segments of your organization?
  • Can you include your own content and forms on the platform?
  • Is it easy to add new content or update existing (policies, forms, etc.)?
  • Does the system make it easy to import and export user information?
  • Does the system cover a full suite of employment practices material? Onboarding and New Hire Orientation? Employee Handbooks? Benefits Administration? ADA/Disability Accommodation? Harassment and Discrimination? Family and Medical Leave? Wage and Hour? Performance Management? Time-Off Management? Discipline? Termination? Exit Interviews? Turnover Prevention?
  • Does the system manage a full suite of Sales/F&I programs? GLBA, Red Flags/Identity Theft Prevention, US Patriot Act/OFAC, Anti-Money Laundering, Sales and Marketing Best Practices (Truth In Lending, Adverse Action, Advertising, etc.)
  • Does the system integrate with background screening services, pre-hire, payroll (ADP, Paychex) and other employee management systems?
  • Does the system connect you will additional partner services?
  • Is it easy to connect with subject matter experts and ask questions?
  • Can you manage groups and hierarchies to customize who is assigned what content (trainings, policies, etc.)?
  • Does the system clearly demonstrate that you provide a good faith effort with HR and compliance practices in the event that you are ever the subject of a legal review?