Complí Portfolio™

Workforce Compliance Management Software

Every organization faces an ever-growing list of compliance obligations that affect its workforce and business—from regulatory compliance to labor law requirements, contractual agreements, and mandates from third parties. Without a means to make compliance initiatives actionable and auditable through automation, staff become overwhelmed and your organization’s risk increases.

Complí Portfolio™ provides an easy-to-use platform for workforce compliance management that centrally controls, automatically distributes and carefully tracks compliance activities that affect an organization’s employees, contractors, agents and partners.

Think of Complí Portfolio as a cloud-based “three-ring binder” for consolidating, managing and tracking an organization’s departmental compliance obligations - even those shared across Compliance, Human Resources, Operations and Information Technology.

With Portfolio, organizations have an easy-to-use system that reduces business risk by centrally managing all compliance activities and saves time by automating the processes of compliance management.

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Key Capabilities:

  • Span of Control
    Bridge the departmental boundaries of Compliance, Human Resources, Security and Operations via one, easy-to-use system delivering span and control over all compliance mandates affecting the workforce. 

  • Adaptive Grouping
    Organize your workforce into logical, customer-defined groups simplifying assignment and reporting compliance activities as your organization grows and changes.

  • Smart Assignment
    Map compliance activities to job function, not individuals, putting your compliance program on autopilot even as people come and go.

  • Workflows
    Transform your policies and procedures into actionable initiatives linking compliance activities, assignments and timetables into repeatable, measurable business processes.

  • Initiative Management
    Engage your workforce in a dynamic online exchange of information enabling timely completion of forms, effective learning of fundamental concepts and auditable acknowledgement of corporate policies.

  • Device Support
    Access the system anytime, anywhere via the Web through browser-based smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

  • Connectors
    Robust application programing interface that leverages and integrates the data residing on other existing systems including Payroll, LMS, HRIS and Case Management.

  • Reporting
    Gain real-time insight into your compliance posture through a library of reports and dashboards that summarize program status at the highest level combined with the ability to drill down to the individual employee or activity at a touch of your finger.

  • Confidentiality
    Protect the confidentiality of information through access and permission controls that ensure the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time.

  • Cloud-based
    Simplify deployment and reduce costs through a subscription-based SaaS pricing model that scales as fast and as much as needed and gives you and your workforce access from any device—anytime, anywhere.

Complí has provided us a safe harbor with federal, state, and government agencies in that we have provided the necessary information to our employees on how to conduct our business.

Bob Deck - VP of Investments, 460 Employees

Policies, procedures, certifications, trainings, vendor requirements, compliance activity and more.

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Automate, monitor and prove compliance with regulations and mandates

Maintain workplace safety and productivity and report on compliance

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Manage and track employee policies, trainings and processes

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Track and validate adherence to cybersecurity policies and best practices