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Enabling Auto Dealer Compliance

Few other industries operate like the automotive industry. Auto dealers function as many distinct business units, under one roof, with a wide variety of industry-specific regulatory and other compliance demands. Compli enables auto dealer compliance by providing a compliance automation system that helps mitigate auto dealer risk, prove the efficacy of their compliance program, and focus on driving sales.

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Compliance Automation forAuto Dealers


Complí combines business process technology, flexible content management and workflow tools in an easy-to-use SaaS-based solution, compliance automation system, for auto dealer compliance. It also includes features and functionality specifically built to address automotive industry compliance needs.

  • Manage compliance with regulations and policies.
    Auto dealers face compliance with regulations and policies designed to protect consumers and lenders. Compli helps them meet compliance with regulations like the Red Flags Rule, Cash 8300, and harassment and discrimination policies for your compliance automation system.
  • Generate proof for audits.
    In the automotive industry, enforcement agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) demand proof that dealers adhere to laws. With Compli solutions dealers can mitigate their auto dealer risk to not only stay compliant, but can also produce proof any time a compliance officer demands it.
  • Ensure employees receive workforce trainings.
    The automotive industry tends to experience high employee turnover and runs frequent, new promotions. Compli helps ensure new employees receive the training they need and that as promotions change, everyone stays up to speed on them for your compliance program.
  • Minimize risk of litigation and fines.
    Auto dealers run credit checks, verify identities of sellers and buyers, and ensure each sale has the appropriate, legal paperwork–activities that if done improperly can result in litigation and fines. Compli provides proof of adherence to relevant laws and other best practices, so dealers feel confident they aren’t exposed to risk.

Our AvailableSolutions



Automate, monitor and prove compliance with regulations and mandates.


Human Resources

Manage and track employee policies, trainings and processes.



Maintain workplace safety and productivity and report on compliance.

“Complí has certainly exceeded my expectations. I knew Complí would help with efficiency and training but I didn’t realize how simple it would be to use. Plus, being able to manage compliance training rather than wondering and hoping something is being done, allows us to focus our time on other parts of our business where we can make a difference.”


– Don Whitaker – Chief Financial Officer, Port Lavaca Automotive Group