A new approach to workforce compliance management, custom built for the unique needs of the Automotive Industry.

On average, our dealers achieve an ROI of nearly 300% with Complí Portfolio™.  

Why? With more than 12 years of experience helping our clients in the Automotive Industry manage their compliance activities, we’ve learned how to help you drive business process improvements that deliver results.  

Auto dealers operate in a unique setting. Few others industries operate as many unique business units, under one roof, each with their own strict regulatory demands.

Diverse regulations and enforcement agencies. Increased pressure from manufacturers to provide visibility into your organization. Expanded DOJ and FTC enforcement from consumer demands and employee protections. Growing CFPB demands to demonstrate a compliant lending program. A constant need to provide training due to high turn-over and employee promotion activity. Not to mention fines and litigation concerns. In the Automotive Industry, obligations hit you from all sides.  

Today, many dealerships manage, distribute and track their workforce compliance obligations manually, often in several disconnected systems. Dealers face the additional challenge of a geographically distributed structure, making the delivery of training and compliance requirements time-consuming and inefficient. As a result, providing the real-time documentation and reports demanded by management and regulators is nearly impossible.

Without a centralized system to manage, track and report on your workforce compliance obligations, it can feel like a desperate juggling act. We designed Complí Portfolio to make sure you don’t drop the ball.

Complí Portfolio for the Automotive Industry
An innovative new way to deliver, track, manage and report on all workforce obligations across your organization.

Complí Portfolio is the first comprehensive workforce compliance management software platform to combine business process technology, flexible content management and transformational workflow tools – including customized features and functionality built specifically with the needs of the Automotive Industry in mind.

From Red Flags and Cash 8300, to Harassment & Discrimination requirements and everything in between. With Portfolio, workforce compliance management is easy, efficient and worry-free.

Think of Portfolio as your cloud-based three-ring binder. Now you’re confident the right employees, get the right information, at exactly the right time.

Store, edit, automatically distribute, track and report on all your critical workforce activities including content, policies, procedures, trainings and compliance requirements across your organization – with Portfolio, everything is in one place.

Designed to work the way you work, Portfolio makes it easy to design customized, automated workflows based on your unique department structure, roles and job functions.

Versatile, real-time reporting allows you to take action now and gives real-time visibility into the status of all your activities.

Portfolio-Your Cloud-Based 3 Ring Binder

Portfolio helps you mitigate risk and prove the efficacy of your compliance programs, so you can focus on driving sales:

  • Automate content distribution and tracking: Automatically distribute required content to employees and third-parties based on your organization’s internal roles, groups and responsibilities. Track, document and report on completion of activities with automatic notifications and alerts. Processes that were previously manual and inconsistent are now streamlined and automatic.
  • Real time reporting: Powerful role-based dashboards and analytics give you real-time visibility into the status of your workforce compliance obligations and provide actionable intelligence for high-risk areas.
  • Pre-loaded Subject Matter Expert authored content: Portfolio comes loaded with an extensive library of Subject Matter Expert authored Core, Industry-defined and Role-defined training and content.
  • Connect your systems: LMS, HRIS, Payroll, Case Management and additional systems, API technology connects your systems to Portfolio for harmonized data collection and reporting.
  • Customizable workflows: Our award-winning workflow designer builder allows you to customize workflow templates to your own processes in minutes. Build the system to mirror your dealership’s unique structure and reporting requirements.
  • Proof of documentation: Reduce fines and avoid penalties by delivering proof of compliance activities to auditors, courts and insurance organizations.

Tools, Content and Features Designed for the Automotive Industry

Portfolio gives you the flexibility to manage all the workforce compliance obligations that are important to your organization. Below is a sample of the tools, content and features built specifically with Automotive Dealerships in mind.

In today’s workplace we are flooded with regulatory and workforce challenges. Being confident that we are doing the right things transfers into time and money savings for our company. With Complí, we know we can sleep better at night because we have things under control.

Kevin Starbuck - HR Manager, Stevinson Automotive

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