Compli CSA Inspection and Violation Management

Fleet managers can have a positive influence on BASIC scores by systematically addressing problems when they occur, taking preventative measures to limit recurrence and electronically documenting each step of the process.

Compli’s integration with FMCSA means violations are automatically logged in Compli. Compli CSA initiates automated processes to review violations, inspect driver violation histories, enforce disciplinary action and assign relevant trainings.

Key features of the CSA Inspection and Violation Management Program include:

  • Daily updates from FMCSA inspection and violation database
  • Automated workflow, ensuring all relevant parties receive notice of violations
  • Seamless, automated documentation, including electronic date and time-stamps of each action taken
  • Creation and enforcement of standard, consistent processes, mitigating risk exposure
  • Integration of violation and inspection data and relevant actions into driver personnel file
  • Recording 100% of actions taken to provide a defensible audit trail