OSHA Warehouse Trainings

Compli CSA arms fleets with real time access to inspection and violation management data and initiates automated workflow to review violations, enforce disciplinary action and re-train personnel while creating an audit trail of actions.

Remedial action and proof of action are powerful attributes of Compli CSA, supported by the ability to:

  • Document and time-stamp every step in the disciplinary process
  • Upload internal policy and training content
  • Automate workflow to ensure that all relevant parties receive notice when violations occur
  • Ensure standard and consistent processes to reduce patterns of recurrence
  • Maintain driver history electronically as part of integrated personnel records
  • Provide electronic, defensible records to demonstrate how safety compliance is managed
  • Go well beyond simply dash-boarding by automating workflow and providing actionable intelligence
  • Allow the safety manager to view overall trends contributing to their BASIC scores
  • Electronically manage Driver Qualification Files (DQF)