Ongoing Harassment and Discrimination

To minimize the risk of harassment and discrimination lawsuits, organizations need well-trained supervisors who understand their responsibilities to provide a safe and hostility-free working environment.  Failure to provide proper training and assessments, and to document that employees and managers have received and fully understood company policies and regulatory requirements, can create an unhealthy work environment and may lead to costly legal repercussions.  

Compli’s Harassment and Discrimination program from Fisher & Phillips, LLP, one of the nation’s leading employment law firms, educates management teams and employees on their responsibilities and provides guidance for the creation of a harassment-free workplace, in accordance with current federal and state regulations.  Implementation of this program can help organizations demonstrate that they have undertaken a good faith effort to comply with regulations governing workplace harassment and discrimination.

The Harassment and Discrimination program includes:

  • California AB1825 Harassment Training for Supervisors
  • Manager and Employee specific training materials, Policies and Guidelines
  • Equal Opportunity Employment Policy
  • Employee Behavior Guidelines
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Incident Report Forms