Workforce Management for Policies & Processes

Managing corporate compliance obligations across your organization spans a range of employee activities, starting the moment an individual fills out an online application and not ending until the moment she or he concludes his or her work at the company. Complying with regulations, internal policies and procedures, and other employee compliance obligations requires you to manage countless online forms, educate employees on company policies, and track employee training and education.


Human ResourcesPressures

Human resources (HR) professionals feel great pressure to minimize corporate exposure to risk, comply with regulations, identify new technologies and tools for workforce management in a diverse and complex environment.


Struggles and Pains

  • Missing important details
  • Inconsistencies between departments
  • Worried about non-compliance


Face These Compliance Initiatives

  • New hire orientation
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Many others


Complí provides HR professionals an easy-to-use system that reduces business risk by centrally managing and automating communication of key policies, procedures and trainings for employee compliance.  Complí ensures the right employee gets the right activity automatically and nothing slips through the cracks, streamlining workforce management to ensure the business meets its corporate compliance obligations.


Human ResourcesProfessionals


HR professionals essentially manage the employee relationship with the company – reviewing applications, hiring and orienting new employees, supporting professional development, handling internal investigations and terminations, and much more. Their HR compliance obligations center on reducing corporate exposure to risk, complying with labor laws, and doing their work efficiently and cost-effectively using the latest technology. Many HR professionals find meeting their compliance obligations challenging; they’re overworked and must ensure compliance from various departments, a large number of which apply HR policies inconsistently. They worry about missing important details that will expose the company to risk.

Complí is an easy-to-use workforce obligation management platform, effectively fulfills your business compliance demands by automatically turning policies, procedures and forms into actionable initiatives, triggering employee activities that are auditable.

“Complí is an automated way to communicate effectively with all employees regarding policy changes, new laws & regulations, procedures, forms, etc.  Another benefit is the date and time stamp from a tracking and accountability standpoint.”


– Maria L. Paine – Vice President of HR, 270 Employees