Complí Portfolio™


Say goodbye to time-intensive Compliance Obligation Management. Hello peace-of-mind.

Customized, automated workflows that can be deployed across your organization within minutes. Aaah to dream.

Automated training paths. Workflows designed specifically for your unique organizational structure. Compliance management that runs on auto-pilot. Functionality like that is reserved for the “big guys” with massive budgets and enterprise-scale IT resources.

Not anymore. With Complí Portfolio™, creating a customized and automated Compliance Obligation Management program has never been easier.  

Designing a workflow has never been easier.

The first system of its kind to unite three unique technologies: drag-and-drop customized workflow tools, Subject Matter Expert authored industry specific content, and an API connector tool that connects all your internal and external systems; Portfolio™ gives you the power of enterprise-class technology, without the complicated functionality or budget-busting price point.

Start with common workflow templates, developed over Complí’s years of compliance experience, then customize the corresponding conditions, forms or workflow to fit your organization’s unique needs.  

Complí Portfolio’s™ award-winning workflow designer allows you to organize and automate your entire compliance management program. In fact, most workflows can be customized in only a few minutes – without help from IT.

Portfolio™ is the first system to make enterprise-class customization capabilities available to the Inc. 50,000 and beyond.


Portfolio’s™ award-winning workflow designer makes the creation of complex workflows quick and easy.


Easily deploy training across and within silos.

Organizational silos. They present challenges for all Compliance Obligation Management programs. At Complí, we understand your silos are here to stay, so we built Portfolio™ to work the way you work.

With Portfolio’s™ unique functionality, you can match internal permission sets and requirements to Workspaces, roles, groups, job-functions or communities. This means your COM programs run largely on auto-pilot, with minimal effort from you.

Since Portfolio™ organizes all your compliance activities in one place, connects your compliance systems, and offers real-time visibility into the status of your compliance activities, managing your compliance obligations becomes seamless, automated and worry-free.

With our award-winning workflow tools you can:

  • Adapt workflows to automate content distribution, tracking, training, and other critical processes
  • Integrate customized content, forms, policies, attestations and other materials directly into workflows
  • Assign training, reporting and other content by department or job function
  • Design programs that work across and within your organization’s silos
  • Ensure appropriate reviews and approvals are completed and documented with real-time reporting
  • Incorporate data from outside systems, such as payroll, LMS or case management software
  • Match internal permission sets and requirements to workspaces, roles, groups and communities
  • Remove bottlenecks through workflow design and automation of most compliance activities


Portfolio™ utilizes workflow and content tools that deliver an intuitive drag and drop interface to quickly create effective awareness, training and reporting campaigns; providing an innovative approach to the integration of technology and process.

Michael Rasmussen - Chief GRC Pundit & OCEG Fellow

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