Complí Portfolio™


Every organization faces an ever-growing list of corporate compliance obligations that affect its workforce and business—from regulatory compliance to labor law requirements, contractual agreements, and mandates from third parties. Without a means to make compliance program initiatives actionable and auditable through automation, staff become overwhelmed and the organization’s risk increases.

Think of Complí Portfolio as a cloud-based “three-ring binder” for consolidating, managing and tracking an organization’s departmental compliance obligations–even those shared across Compliance, Human Resources, Operations and Information Technology.



Complí PortfolioKey Capabilities


With Portfolio, organizations have an easy-to-use, automated compliance system that reduces business risk by centrally managing all compliance activities and saves time by automating the processes of compliance management.


Complí Portfolio™ provides an easy-to-use platform for workforce compliance management that centrally controls, automatically distributes and carefully tracks compliance activities that affect an organization’s employees, contractors, agents and partners.

“With Complí, required documentation is now electronically pushed out to employees, completed online and can be tracked centrally by HR immediately.”


- Michael Dayhoff – VP & CFO, 725 Employees