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Take back your time (and your desk).

Retain talent, reduce expenses, support three-generations in the workplace, fight off legal battles and manage workplace misconduct.

As an HR professional, it’s safe to say you’ve got more than your fair share of responsibilities to handle - and the stack of paperwork on your desk to prove it.  

While managing documentation and compliance requirements are a critical part of your job-function, it’s our guess that shuffling paperwork and chasing down employee attestations aren’t at the top of your favorite-things-to-do list.

Complí Portfolio™ manages the mundane so you can focus on the business issues that really matter.

We built Portfolio™ to automate time-consuming (and downright time-wasting) activities including all of the distribution, tracking and reporting of your critical HR initiatives. This includes policies, procedures, training, certifications and more for both employees and third-parties.

By building a specific environment in Portfolio™ where you can focus on your key HR programs (within a Workspace), you can house Initiatives such as “Employee Retention,” and attach all the relevant Activities that are required such as employee reviews and 360° feedback. This methodology allows you to manage the processes most important to you, across your organizational silos, all with permission controls that keeps your most sensitive information secured.

Managing Cross Functional Compliance Risk

With Portfolio™, you get your job done faster and more efficiently. With any luck, you may just find your desk under all that paperwork.

Tools, Content and Features Designed for HR Professionals

Portfolio’s™ comprehensive platform gives you the freedom to mix and match content and training from your content library, as well as a Subject Matter Expert authored library of Core, Industry-defined, and Role-defined Initiatives. The graphic below demonstrates a sample HR Workspace.

Complí has been a big improvement for us in managing our orientation process, as we had a hard time keeping track of all the documents manually. It was actually a nightmare for us previously.

Jody Valentine - Director of HR, 830 Employees

managing complexity

With Portfolio's™ Workspaces, shine a light on Initiatives that are important to you.


informative webinars

Catch up on the latest COM topics and best practices from leading Subject Matter Experts.


Everything In One Place
Automatically organize, distribute and track all critical compliance obligations with Portfolio™.

Compliance Reporting, Simplified
Deliver top-level Executive Dashboards, Individual Exception Reports and more, with Portfolio™.