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Connect your silos.

For years we have been trying everything we can to bust silos and flatten organizations. The reality is: silos are not going anywhere. They are here to stay. Instead of working around them, we have to learn to overcome the communication challenges they present.

Without a central system to store, distribute, track and report on your compliance activities across departments, and silos, critical requirements can slip through the cracks.

Important forms and documents sit lost and unseen in inboxes. Employees and third parties forget to complete their compliance activities. Different silos are doing the same work for slightly different needs. Employees and managers fail to understand the impact of non-compliance, leaving critical activities incomplete.

With these challenges in mind, we built Complí Portfolio™ to work the way you work.

Portfolio’s™ innovative design embraces your organizational silos, and includes versatile functionality, in the form of Workspaces and Initiatives, that allow you to distribute, track and manage compliance obligations seamlessly within, and across, your organization’s silos and departments.

With Portfolio™, you’re confident that the right people get the right information, at exactly the right time, and you gain transparency into all compliance obligation activities.

Managing Cross Functional Compliance Risk

Workspaces and Initiatives connect your silos while allowing you cross-functional oversight:

  • Automatically organize, distribute and track all your critical compliance obligations across your organization with Intelligent Policy Management. With Portfolio™, you get the right content, to the right people, at the right time, every time
  • Categorize compliance and non-compliance requirements to match your internal structure
  • Delegate responsibilities for departmental compliance programs to corresponding managers. Managers can automatically distribute policies, procedures, trainings and forms (based on roles & groups) and the compliance team can maintain full oversight into all activities
  • Report on risks and compliance activities within each Workspace
  • Mix and match content and training from your library, as well as a Subject Matter Expert authored pre-loaded library of Core, Industry-defined, and Role-defined content
  • Gain real-time visibility into your management team’s execution of compliance efforts, allowing you to take immediate, remedial action, when programs sit without execution

Tools, Content and Features Designed for Modern Compliance Obligation Management

Portfolio’s™ flexible platform gives you the freedom to mix and match pre-loaded core Workspaces with customized Workspaces. To view our core Workspaces, created in partnership with leading Subject Matter Experts, select a topic on the right.


With Portfolio™, GRC professionals and subject matter experts can instantly devise complex cross-functional initiatives without requiring additional programming or being technology experts.

Michael Rasmussen - Chief GRC Pundit & OCEG Fellow

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So many compliance obligations, so little time. Manage the complexity.


connect your silos

With Portfolio™ get the right information to the right people at the right time.


Everything In One Place
Automatically organize, distribute and track all critical compliance obligations with Portfolio™.

Compliance Reporting, Simplified
Deliver top-level Executive Dashboards, Individual Exception Reports and more, with Portfolio™.