The Challenge of the New Corporate Compliance Career: Three Opinions

Since the financial crash in 2008, the corporate compliance career has been one of the fastest growing careers in the finance industry. As a result, ethics and compliance professionals are taking center stage and companies have started taking notice of where they may be falling short and how to best ensure they are in compliance while doing the right thing. Doing the right thing isn’t only about avoiding fines, it’s also about building a reputation with customers and future employees. See what these three authors have to say about this career path and the challenges a Compliance Officer faces today.

Most Thankless Job on Wall Street Gets a New Worry

The Compliance Career is one of the fastest growing careers which is also one of the most scrutinized by regulators. Author Emily Glazer, of The Wall Street Journal, tells us the job of mitigating risk is one of the riskiest. Compliance Officers are the ones facing litigation when the SEC comes knocking.

Corporate Compliance Careers in Finance Might Get Interesting…

More and more financial firms are hiring Chief Compliance Officers from outside of the compliance field. These new Compliance Officers are from diverse backgrounds and now play a part in setting the tone of the company culture. Creating a culture in which compliance thrives is what is going to make a company compliant and ethical. 

The Ethics and Compliance Officer’s Many-Colored Hat

In this article, written by Jason Lundy, we learn that the corporate compliance professional, the Ethics and Compliance Officer, wears one hat but with many colors. Their goal is to maintain an ethical and compliant company, and to do that they pull from a variety of experiences. 

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