Customer Focus: Logistics Pains and Unemployment Claims Edition

Feeling stressed at work? I’m willing to bet you aren’t as stressed as a warehouse manager for a national grocery transportation and logistics company.

Imagine overseeing 800 employees and 700 trucks coming in and out of your facility every day. Your job is to not only ensure massive shipments of perishable goods are packed correctly and leave on time, but that the equipment is functional, space is utilized as efficiently as possible, and employees are entering their time correctly and completing their mandatory training. You’re responsible for motivating, orienting, and disciplining hundreds of people. You need to be an expert in technology, a natural leader, and a master multitasker. 

That’s a day in the life of one Compli customer our team recently paid a visit to. Fortunately, while our workforce compliance automation platform hasn’t entirely removed the stress of transportation and logistics, I’m happy to report that it’s made this customer’s life a whole lot easier.

The customer told us that Compli provides the warehouse with a simple, comprehensive system that effectively keeps the many details of workforce management organized and accessible.  Onboarding new hires is quick and straightforward—a must in a high-turnover industry. Managers can check information about all the warehouse’s employees and vehicles at a glance, so they can immediately prioritize compliance activities and attend to any safety issues before they become emergencies.

One feature set this customer particularly likes is Compli’s training capabilities. With our platform, warehouse management can distribute and assign prebuilt training courses as well as their own facility-specific training content. Compli makes it easy to track training completion, so managers can see which employees are up to speed and which still need to complete their training. This puts the company in a much more defensible position during any potential unemployment claim, as managers can use concrete compliance data to prove an employee was terminated lawfully.

Choice Quotes from Our Customers

Compli has helped us with a number of unemployment claims. Through our documentation housed within Compli’s platform, we’ve been able to show that we’ve followed a progressive disciplinary process and that, despite our outreach, employees failed to rectify their behavior.”

“Compli has helped save us in what might have otherwise been some sticky situations. On a few occasions we had employees report workplace injuries, and then later claim they had never been properly trained on the right policies and procedures. Well, we simply went into Compli and found their signed policies, procedures, and training documentation—complete with time and date stamps. There was no room for argument. If we had still been tracking these compliance items manually, who knows if they would have been completed properly.”

We found the greatest benefit of using the Compli platform—which includes integrated DOT regulatory compliance, CSA management, and other trucking specific requirements—is having a single location to manage all of our employees. We rely heavily on technology and depend on Compli to automate processes based on multiple sources of data.”

I’ll leave you with one more detail about this particular customer success story: The warehouse currently using Compli has become a test case for the entire company. Because of the positive results at the facility, the company is going to start rolling the system out to its parent corporation and other locations.

Turning a stressful situation into an opportunity to demonstrate intra-organizational leadership? Just another day in workforce compliance automation. I love my job.

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