How Strong is Your Social Media Policy?

In today’s digital world the information we share can easily spread like wild fire. With that in mind you need to be aware of what your workforce shares through social media. Does your social media policy stack up? Is your policy updated to include the most current social platforms? Is it in compliance with the most recent laws? Is your workforce aware of your policy? These three articles will help you craft or update your policy so that you Tweet with confidence.

The Fundamentals of Social Media Communication Compliance 

In this article author Douglas Harmon gives you five baseline rules for creating a social media policy. The main thing to remember about social media, as with technology, is that it is always changing. So, like with most workforce compliance policies, it is important to keep yourself up to date. It’s how you keep your business safe.

More Trouble for Chipotle: NLRB Rules Social Media Policy and Practice Unlawful 

Chipotle is in the news again, this time answering to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Last year Chipotle dismissed an employee based on an outdated social media policy. In March the NLRB ruled that they had violated the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). After reading this article you may want to make sure the language in your social media policy is clear to keep you and your employees out of hot water.

4 Social Media Landmines
(That can land you in the CFPB’s crosshairs)

Social media is an accessible platform for people to spread the word about an event or products, in other words, advertise. This makes it possible for anyone in your company to create posts about enticing deals or share other company information. When thinking of social media policies for your business keep these four landmines in mind to stay in compliance with the FTC and CFPB.

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4 Social Media Landmines

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