Who cares?
You do.

There is no doubt. Your organization has compliance requirements affecting your entire workforce.  And no matter your industry, there are risks that can impact your bottom line if not addressed.

Is this you?

You Have Multiple
Compliance Requirements

You manage a large set of compliance requirements. They range from federal laws & regulations to internal HR policies to safety training.

It's Hard to Keep Up
with Changes

These policies, rules and expectations are always evolving. Staying on top of the latest changes is a challenging task.

Your Workforce
is Dynamic

Your organization is experiencing change through turnover, growth, merger, or acquisition. And your workforce spans generations and ethnicities – with different learning and communication preferences.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got a question:
How confident are you that your compliance program is truly protecting your organization from risk?

A Manual Approach No Longer Works

Many organizations are managing and tracking compliance initiatives through manual processes. A manual approach creates quite a few headaches:

  • Remembering which policies and activities go to which people, and making sure they got there.
  • Sending reminders to everyone in your workforce to comply with these initiatives.
  • Shuffling through reams of paperwork and emails to keep tabs on compliance status.
We are a bilingual company. With Compli, I can produce a one-to-four page policy in both English and Spanish. This helps our employees understand what they are signing.
Felicia Taylor
Director of Human Resources / Tricolor Automotive
I’m a big fan of the Compli Platform. It’s great for any business that has multiple locations to manage. When I came to Tricolor and realized the company already had 16 locations, as well as plans to move into California, I realized it was time to get our corporate compliance program and the accompanying paperwork under control.
Felicia Taylor
Director of HR / Tricolor Auto Group
Compli saves us hours of work, avoids process bottlenecks and makes me feel confident that all of our compliance obligations are being met.
Rob Caruthers
Chief Financial Officer /  Ricart Auto Group
The Compli onboarding and training process is now a part of our culture. I can’t imagine life without it.
Scott Basinger
CFO / Byers Auto Group
I’m a big fan of the Compli Platform. It’s great for any business that has multiple locations to manage.
Felicia Taylor
PHR Director of Human Resources / Tricolor Auto Group
Before Compli, we kept our most up-to-date onboarding packet on a shared drive. This process just wasn’t efficient. Managers would save the packet to different locations and it would become outdated or we’d get a packet back with forms or signatures missing. We were constantly chasing paper and employees.
Felicia Taylor
PHR Director of Human Resources / Tricolor Auto Group
With Compli we’ve saved over $1,500 in file supplies alone. Like any dealership, we have a great deal of turnover and would have to create the files, file them and then pull those files when the employee moved on or was terminated. Now, we don’t have to do any of that and I love it.
Felicia Taylor
PHR Director of Human Resources / Tricolor Auto Group
Honestly, Complí is an HR department’s best friend.
Felicia Taylor
PHR Director of Human Resources / Tricolor Auto Group
It’s important to have one location where all of your required documentation and trainings are kept. By using Complí we were able to eliminate the termination claim and avoid fines. It’s been a lifesaver.
Scott Basinger
CFO / Byers Auto Group
For me, the most valuable piece Compli offers is the ability to track compliance and provide proof when someone’s memory fails them.
Judy Delgadillo
VP of Recruiting & Development / Shelly Automotive Group
Compli offers a great, purpose-built platform that assigns, tracks and monitors any workforce compliance activity – not just training. The platform can help any organization rein in its compliance processes and execute them more efficiently, consistently, and effectively.
David Wentworth
Principal Analyst / Brandon Hall Group

Moving from Chaos to Confidence

So how are you managing your compliance programs to best ensure your organization stays out of the headlines?

If you are looking for a better way, Compli can help. How?
We help you build confidence…with Workforce Compliance Automation. 

Automating your workforce compliance program means putting into action reliable, repeatable management and monitoring of your compliance initiatives. This creates a “Compliance Playbook” helping ensure the right people get the right content at the right time. By automating outdated and inefficient processes you get peace of mind knowing your compliance program is rock-solid, defensible and promotes a healthy company culture.

Compli’s easy to use workforce compliance automation platform – coupled with relevant content (like policies, training, forms & assessments) makes compliance hassle-free for your workforce – reducing business risk while saving you time and money.


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