How to Develop Successful Managers

Your managers: they lead teams, coordinate projects, discipline and terminate employees, hire and onboard new recruits, and oversee compliance activities—all while ensuring everything happens on time and, ideally, under budget. How do managers manage it all? The unfortunate truth is that not all them of them do—because not all of them can.

Five skills your managers need to engage their team and protect your organization: 

Basic Compliance and Management Skills

Being a manager not only means new day-to-day responsibilities, but it also means you can expose or protect your organization from workforce risks. Ensuring you know basic information around employee rights and employer responsibilities is a great step toward being an effective manager.

Hiring Skills

Building your team is an essential element of being a manager, so its important you do it well and do it right to protect the company and enable your team’s success.

Productivity Skills

Employee engagement studies show a clear link between poor managing and a nation of “checked out” employees. Buck this trend my making sure your managers understand how to keep their teams engaged and productive.

Teamwork Skills

There’s a strong correlation between engaged employees and employees whose manager helps them set priorities. Make sure your managers have strong skills in this area.

Discipline & Termination Skills

Wrongful termination awards cost an average of $134,000 and can take up to three years to resolve. It’s essential you manage this process appropriately to mitigate risk to your company and treat the separating employee with respect during their exit. 

Give your managers the knowledge and tools they need to help your business succeed.  

With Compligo, you can automatically assign and administer training, so each manager understands what’s expected of them during every aspect of the employee lifecycle. Provide your managers access to a library of the HR forms, reports, guidelines, and tools they need to manage their team effectively. Help managers track compliance of their team against individual programs to help instill the values of their company, and ensure all employees stay on top of their program requirements.

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