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Complex Infrastructure, Simple Compliance Program
Energy companies and co-ops ensure the availability and reliability of critical infrastructure, including our bulk power system, natural gas, water and other utilities. Due to the critical nature of these services, these entities are highly regulated. 

Simplify Workforce Compliance

Compli helps automate your compliance program, verifying that employees understand policies and receive necessary workforce training.

We simplify workforce compliance for the energy industry with a combination of  business process technology, flexible content management and workflow tools–all within an easy-to-use SaaS-based solution.

Manage Compliance <br>with Stringent Regulations

Manage Compliance
with Stringent Regulations

Energy companies and co-ops must comply with complex and frequently changing regulations and standards like the North American Electricity Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards (NERC CIPS) for electric utilities, or in California, the California Metering Exchange Protocol (CMEP). Compli automates compliance program workflows across your entire organization to make sure you meet all compliance demands and nothing slips through the cracks.

On-Demand Reporting to <br>Show Compliance

On-Demand Reporting to
Show Compliance

With numerous regulatory bodies, ranging from NERC to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and state and local regulations and standards, the energy industry must always be ready to provide proof of compliance. Compli’s solutions help these organizations do compliance tracking and easily produce NERC compliance and other reports.

Ensure Employees <br>Follow Policies

Ensure Employees
Follow Policies

Given the impact of an outage or disruption to service on a city, region, or even a nation, energy organizations must ensure that employees understand and follow policies that protect that infrastructure. They also need training to ensure a safe workplace. Compli’s solutions help those in the energy industry ensure that employees take all necessary trainings, understand policies and procedures, and attest that they understand.  

Utilities have seen regulatory requirements and changes triple in the past few years and are struggling with compliance operating in disparate siloed processes and systems. It’s not uncommon for utility companies to have dozens of processes supported by various customized and commercial applications pieced together for different aspects of GRC.

The result is a departmentalized approach to compliance that creates redundancies, gaps vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. In 2015 and beyond, energy and utility organizations look to optimize GRC strategies through a consistent information and technology architecture that supports a range of processes, which will enable them to be more efficient, effective and agile in a demanding risk and regulatory environment.
Michael Rasmussen
Chief GRC Pundit and Principal Analyst / GRC 20/20
Compli offers a great, purpose-built platform that assigns, tracks and monitors any workforce compliance activity – not just training. The platform can help any organization rein in its compliance processes and execute them more efficiently, consistently, and effectively.
David Wentworth
Principal Analyst / Brandon Hall Group

Content Solutions for Energy Compliance

Compli helps you develop a well-rounded compliance program that covers both regulatory and HR compliance. By  automating your industry-specific content as well as supplementing your program with out-of the box content you’ll have confidence that your compliance needs are covered, should regulators come knocking on your door. 

Additional Solutions for Energy Compliance

Take your compliance program to the next level using these  additional tools, content and services.

Energy Compliance Resources

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