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As a lender, you face unprecedented scrutiny when it comes to complying with fair lending regulations.
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Safeguard Your Business from Fines & Penalties  
While Maintaining Access to Capital

Regulatory agencies, including the CFPB, are closely watching your transactions and are on the lookout for unfair lending practices and customer mistreatment.

At the same time, your capital lenders are demanding that you demonstrate compliance as part of their due diligence to determine your credit-worthiness. If you fall out of compliance with fair lending regulations, you could get fined, incur damage to your reputation, lose access to capital—or all of the above.

What is aCompliance Management System

Build an Automated
Compliance Management System

Our platform allows you to tailor an automated CMS for your operation, so you can directly address areas where fair lending compliance risks reside.

Fair lending policies and training developed by industry leader Hudson Cook make it easy to stay current with the latest regulations. You define workflows and responsibilities by role, and the platform automatically assigns, notifies, and monitors all prescribed compliance activities. The right person always receives the right information at the right time, so you can rest assured it all actually gets done.

And with an integrated complaint tracking system, your organization will automate its complaint intake, triage, and resolution processes. As a result, it’s easier to analyze outcomes and make required changes to your products, procedures, or training program.

Save Money & Hassle

Don’t keep wasting money and throwing people at the problem.

Our solution integrates all of your fair lending compliance initiatives—including policy review and signoff, online training, and consumer complaint tracking—into a single, cloud-based system, making compliance easier and faster for everyone at your organization. Best of all, you gain the power of continuous tracking and reporting, so you know exactly where you stand at any given time and who is doing (or not doing) what, without having to manually compile data and results. Why assign staff to manage these tasks if you don’t have to?

Make sure the right person gets the right information at the right time.

See How It Works
See How It Works

Keep Cool, Calm and Compliant

Armed with a comprehensive compliance management system supported by fully auditable tracking, notification, dashboards, and reports, imagine having the confidence that your business is compliant across the board—both in the eyes of regulators and your lending partner.

Spend More Time Serving Your Borrowers & Expanding Your Business

Automating your CMS means spending less time on compliance and more time on your business. You’ll save money, protect your access to capital, and stay off the regulatory radar.

Compli is a great platform that integrates every part of the business, from compliance to operations to HR.
Julie Kim
In-House Counsel & Compliance Officer / Sierra Credit Corp.
Compli offers a great, purpose-built platform that assigns, tracks and monitors any workforce compliance activity – not just training. The platform can help any organization rein in its compliance processes and execute them more efficiently, consistently, and effectively.
David Wentworth
Principal Analyst / Brandon Hall Group
Compliance has never been optional, but there are a lot of companies in the past who have operated that way. In light of recent events, compliance has really stepped up in the last few years, so we really have to make sure all of our bases are covered and make sure we're always in compliance at all times.
Andy Page
Director of Operations / Road Auto Finance
The training was pretty flawless. You know, I've dealt with a lot of different third party vendors as far as software, and they're usually not very fun to deal with. Compli was very, very good. I was honestly shocked about how easy it was. I just answered a few questions, and everybody over at Compli just kind of took it from there.
Andy Page
Director of Operations / Road Auto Finance
All my employees know what the rules are and they know where the boundaries are, and they know not to step out of bounds. So my capital source feels much more comfortable knowing that my employees know where out of bounds is.
Andy Page
Director of Operations / Road Auto Finance
All policies, procedures, training material, and personnel files are in a central location, and the search function makes it easy to find any file in the system.
Julie Kim
In-House Counsel & Compliance Officer / Sierra Credit Corp.
Compli eliminated inefficient internal processes and enabled us to focus on actual business matters.
Julie Kim
In-House Counsel & Compliance Officer / Sierra Credit Corp.

Compligo for
Consumer Lending

Compligo helps finance companies like yours stay in compliance with fair lending regulations, and stay out of both regulator’s and auditor’s crosshairs.

Fair Lending 
Compliance Resources

Find the tips, tools, and information you need demonstrate to both your bank and the CFPB that your company is compliant with fair lending regulations.

Download the
Fair Lending Checklist

Use this checklist to see how well your organization embraces the 4 areas of focus of a CMS and if you can dodge the regulatory pitfalls.


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