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Finding quality drivers – it’s a never-ending challenge. And a time sensitive one too. You can’t find drivers quick enough, and once you do, every minute they’re not on the road eats away at your profits. You need to beat the clock.
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Qualify New Drivers.

Get Them Up to Speed.

Keep the Wheels Rolling

If finding quality drivers isn’t stressful enough, the DOT and other state and local regulatory agencies are closely watching your safety and performance scores.

Taking a hit to your CSA Scores can affect your reputation and your bottom line. High driver turnover, strict DOT regulations, and differing state laws all contribute to HR and operational nightmares when onboarding and safety procedures aren’t properly followed.

Workforce compliance affects employees
across your entire company.

Save Money and Hassle

How long does it take to hire and onboard a driver? If you could shorten that period how many more days each month could your trucks be on the road?

By integrating all of your onboarding activities – driver qualification forms, training and policies – within one online system, you make it easier and faster for your drivers to complete what’s required to get your fleet rolling as soon as possible. Best yet, you get continuous tracking and reporting so you know exactly where your drivers are in the process without ever having to wait for a report.

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Automate compliance and safety monitoring for all of your drivers 

Based on the DOT’s driver qualification requirements and your training content you can build an automated driver compliance system tailored to your fleet.

Plus, with integrated access to CSA BASIC Scores, you can track driver performance and remediate problems quickly – all within the same system.  

Defined by your existing onboarding, training and safety monitoring procedures, the system automatically assigns, notifies, and monitors all prescribed compliance activities.  This helps ensure your drivers are qualified, well trained, and operating as safely as possible.

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Keep Cool, Calm, and Compliant

With defined and automated compliance activities across your fleet supported by fully auditable tracking, notification, dashboards and reports, imagine how well you’ll sleep at night knowing your drivers are operating at peak efficiency and compliance across the board.

Less Idle Time, More Time on the Road.

A comprehensive driver qualification, onboarding and safety solution will get your drivers on the road quickly and keep them rolling – safely and efficiently.   

We found the greatest benefit of using the Compli platform, which includes integrated DOT regulatory compliance, CSA management and other trucking specific requirements, is having a single location to manage all of our employees. We rely heavily on technology and depend on Compli to automate processes based on multiple sources of data.
G. Geary
Vice President / Kool Pak
Compli offers a great, purpose-built platform that assigns, tracks and monitors any workforce compliance activity – not just training. The platform can help any organization rein in its compliance processes and execute them more efficiently, consistently, and effectively.
David Wentworth
Principal Analyst / Brandon Hall Group

Compligo for Trucking

Compligo’s comprehensive driver qualification, onboarding and safety solution will get your drivers on the road quickly and keep them rolling – safely and efficiently.

Trucking Compliance Resources

Find the tips, tools, and information you need to hire and onboard drivers, and keep them safely on the road.

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