Classic Chevrolet Shares How They Manage Workforce Compliance
“The biggest challenge with compliance is figuring the right line between how much effort you put on compliance and how much you leave for running your business, selling your vehicles, serving your customers.” Bently Durant, COO and General Counsel at Classic Chevrolet discusses how they approach workforce compliance at their dealership, and how Compli has helped their efforts.

Safeguard Your Dealership from Workforce Compliance Risks

Compligo makes it easier for everyone to stay in compliance by integrating all your initiatives in one system. The cloud-based system is mobile-enabled and simple to use for both employees and administrators.

With Compligo, you can:

  • Streamline your onboarding program
  • Integrate all your ongoing compliance initiatives
  • Monitor & report on all activities

All so you can contain costs, reduce hassle and safeguard your business.

Talk to an Expert

Want to see Compligo in action? We’d be happy to take you on a quick tour of the system in action and chat about how the system can be customized for your specific compliance needs.


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