Introducing Compligo
Watch this two minute video to learn how to manage compliance activities across your workforce using Compligo.
Unify your policies, online learning, and communication into one easy to use system to save time and money…and most importantly, protect your business.
Spend less time on compliance, more time selling cars.

compligo compliance on the goCompligo provides a broad set of features specific to managing compliance within your workforce.

From assigning and tracking compliance activities,
to managing activities through conditional workflows,
to comprehensive dashboards and reporting.
Compligo provides a broad set of features specific to workforce compliance, putting functionality found in sophisticated enterprise software products well within reach. 

Don’t shoehorn your compliance initiatives into your payroll system. And don’t pay enterprise software prices for the tools you need to protect your dealership.

Compligo unifies all compliance activities, including policies, learning, & communications, into one smart, easy-to-use system. This make compliance hassle-free for both employees and managers, protecting your organization from fines, litigation and reputation damage.

Talk to an Expert

Want to see Compligo in action? We’d be happy to take you on a quick tour of the system in action and chat about how the system can be customized for your specific compliance needs.


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