Compligo for Fair Lending Compliance
 Professor Joe walks you through how Compligo can be the backbone of a lender’s sound Compliance Management System.
  • Comply with evolving Fair Lending regulations
  • Track consumer complaints across all channels
  • Generate proof of compliance for both the CFPB and your capital resources

compligo compliance on the go
The Backbone of Your
Compliance Management System

Compligo helps finance companies like yours stay in compliance with Fair Lending regulations, and stay out of both regulator’s and auditor’s crosshairs. The cloud-based system is easy-to-use and mobile-enabled. Compligo provides a turn-key way to:

  • Manage your compliance program
  • Track consumer complaints
  • Monitor & report on all activities

All so you remain audit-ready to CFPB examiners, your bank’s compliance team and your internal stakeholders.

Talk to an Expert

Want to see Compligo in action? We’d be happy to take you on a quick tour of the system in action and chat about how the system can be customized for your specific compliance needs.


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