Termination Programs in Compligo
Watch this 2-minute video to learn how to manage a termination program using Compligo.
Automate Your HR and compliance programs in Compligo to take the cost and complexity out of your compliance learning, business processes, incident management and reporting.

compligo compliance on the go

To reduce the risk of wrongful termination claims, develop standard termination procedures. And make sure your managers are trained to carry out those procedures consistently. This reduces your litigation risk and keeps your organization in line with state and federal employment termination laws.

With Compligo, you can assign and track policies and training courses that cover your termination procedures. When termination is necessary, your managers can access procedure checklists and fill out the required forms online, in a single, comprehensive system. And when you need to produce evidence in the event of a claim, Compligo provides detailed personnel file records at the click of a button.

Talk to an Expert

Want to see Compligo in action? We’d be happy to take you on a quick tour of the system in action and chat about how the system can be customized for your specific compliance needs.


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