Take a Different Approach to Workforce Compliance

When you unify policy management, learning, and communications into one system, you protect your business by making compliance easy for both your employees and managers.

Making sure your organization keeps compliant across all the initiatives that affect your business…it’s quite a task.

You have a wide range of activities you need your workforce to do to maintain compliance. And the only constant within your workforce is that it’s always changing.

It’s a struggle across the board to keep up…to complete all the steps to protect your business.

It doesn’t help that your program’s built like an old fashioned switchboard – manually connecting activities with people, one by one.

Bob needs this training.
Cheryl needs to fill out this form.

One moment please while I connect your call.

Compliance Programs in the Old Days

And you’re managing your corporate compliance program using a variety of systems – too many to reasonably keep track of.

  • Sharepoint or a GRC system to store policies
  • Learning Management Systems to manage trainings
  • Emails to communicate with your workforce
  • Spreadsheets to tally everything up

You don’t have a systematic way to assign these compliance activities to their employees nor to track their progress or comprehension.

And that’s when trouble creeps in:
A dropped call, a missed connection…this is what exposes your business to risk.

Here’s a different way to think about compliance within your workforce.

Every employee in your organization has a Role.  

They’re a sales person, a member of the service team, a manager, or an executive. Within each role there are compliance activities that affect them…and just as important, activities that don’t.  

And every compliance activity has a Plan.

This one you’re doing already, whether you like it or not. Your Plan may be formally documented or just seemed like a good idea at the time. This person needs to take this action at this time: review a policy annually, complete harassment training by Q1, route time off requests to HR …you get the idea.

When you join together the concept of a Role with the concept of a Plan when thinking about your compliance activities: this is when compliance magic happens.

If you have a system in place that automatically executes a plan for every role…with measurable results on how it’s working for every employee, team, group, or division, you’ll lower your costs, save time, and better protect your business.

You need a Workforce Compliance System. Compli can help.

Workforce Compliance Products


Take compliance on the go with an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that automates the development, distribution, management and tracking of compliance activities for employees, managers and third parties.

Compli Enterprise

Streamline your compliance management system by automating, tracking and reporting on all of your workforce compliance activities.

Solution Sets

Deploy easy to use, pre-packaged policies and training that cover your organization’s critical compliance topics.


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