Compliance Training:
The Key to a Strong Compliance Program

Compliance can’t happen without training. And success in business can’t happen without a workforce educated in industry regulations, internal policy, safety, ethics, and employment law.
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With over 220 online courses covering the compliance topics critical to your business, Complí’s Training solutions protect your organization now while ensuring your success for years to come. All of our courses are 100% online, so your employees can learn on an independent basis and grasp important information quicker than traditional in-person training means allow. Plus, reduced travel expense and less time away from the job mean significant cost savings.

Why Online?

Let’s face it: people tend to forget what they’ve learned. As the graph demonstrates, over the course of a month, employees may retain less than 20% of what they learned at the beginning of the month.

Online compliance training curbs our human tendency to forget. Compli’s Training solutions send recurring reminders and quick refreshers to employees who have completed courses, so critical information about safety, ethics, and legal requirements stays top of mind. Our platform also gives administrators tools to easily measure and track learners’ progress and overall retention.

Breadth of Content

Compli partners with industry-leading training providers to ensure coverage of your critical risk areas. Our platform combines industry-standard content with course material customized for your organization’s unique needs, composition, and areas of operation.

  • Human Resources
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Ethics/Code of Conduct
  • Customer Service
  • Workplace Skills
  • Data Privacy

Optimized Learning

Because Compli’s compliance training solutions are accessible on almost any device, and hosted on our cloud-based platform, learners can access courses from anywhere.

Compli’s scenario-based learning modules help learners understand laws and regulations that apply to their jobs. Our courses also feature high-level interactivity and video-based content designed to hold learners’ interest and keep them engaged. With optimized learning, you’ll reach more employees at more points in time, for a better transfer from learning to job performance.


Customers with a limited budget can access training they may otherwise be unable to afford if they purchased directly from a provider using our pricing model. 

Developed by Experts

We develop all of our courses through partnerships with attorney subject matter experts. The team reviews and refreshes courses regularly, so when regulations change, your training is updated to reflect those changes.

Spanish Content

Many of our HR and Safety courses are available in Spanish, so you can meet the compliance requirements of your Spanish-speaking workforce and maximize rates of compliance throughout your organization.


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