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As a lender, you need to demonstrate to your bank and to regulators that your company is compliant with Fair Lending regulations. Developing a compliance management system is the safest way to stay out of the crosshairs.
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The Backbone of Your
Compliance Management System

Compligo helps finance companies like yours stay in compliance with fair lending regulations and in the good graces of regulators and auditors. The cloud-based system is easy-to-use and mobile-enabled. Compligo automates your compliance program, providing a turn-key way to:

  • Manage your compliance program
  • Track consumer complaints
  • Monitor & report on all activities

Protect your reputation. Automate manual Processes. All so you remain audit-ready to regulators, your bank’s compliance team, and your internal stakeholders.

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Build Your Compliance Program with Compligo

Compligo consolidates your assigned fair lending policies, online training, and forms activities into a single view. And our experienced implementation team helps make sure your compliance program has the right content. Compli’s policies and training are developed and continuously updated by Hudson Cook, an industry leader in consumer financial services law, to ensure you stay on top of the latest regulations.


Think of your Home tab as your compliance control panel. Here you can quickly access assigned activities in your Inbox, as well as your Started, Sent, and Completed items.


Start your compliance activities in the Inbox. This is where you will find your set of assigned consumer finance compliance activities, including policies for Fair Credit Reporting, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Red Flags Rule, Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and more. After each employee reviews and signs-off on policies and completes online training, their compliance score and personnel file are both updated.

Consumer Finance for Lenders Policy Pack

To keep out of the CFPB’s crosshairs, your compliance program needs the right content – developed by industry experts who understand your exposure. Compli partners with financial services experts to develop industry-specific content to keep you cool, calm and compliant. Take advantage of these turn-key policies, forms and assessments built specifically for lenders:

  • Adverse Action Policy
  • Adverse Action Periodic Audit Form
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (ETF) Act and Regulation E
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) and Regulation B
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act and Regulation (FCRA) V Adverse Action Notices
  • Fair Credit Reporting Disposal Rule
  • Fair Credit Reporting Furnisher and Dispute Rule
  • Fair Credit Reporting Permissible Purpose
  • Fair Credit Reporting Red Flags Rule
  • Fair Credit Reporting Risk Based Pricing Rule I
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and Regulation P
  • Introduction to Non-Mortgage Consumer Lending
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Compliance
  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
  • Suspected Misconduct Report Form
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • Third Party/Dealer Application Form
  • Truth in Lending Act/Regulation Z (TILA)
  • Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Practices Policy (UDAAP)

Consumer Complaint Tracking

Part of an effective compliance management system includes policies and procedures for the responsive and responsible handling of consumer complaints and inquiries. Compligo supports the procedures and policies to manage consumer complaints. The platform helps you organize, and retain the resulting findings so you can analyze results and make required changes in products, procedures, and/or training.


Consumers (directly or via CFPB) submit complaints via online form, email, phone, mail or face-to-face.


Watch a Demo
Watch a Demo

Reporting, Feedback, & Process Improvement

Regulatory bodies recommend you have comprehensive reporting capabilities to produce documentation necessary for an audit. In Compligo, every activity is time-stamped and easily reportable. With this insight you are able to uncover deficiencies, and remediate problems giving you an ongoing feedback loop to help you improve your processes and procedures.


Get a visual, up-to-the-minute view of your entire organization’s compliance status. Export your compliance data for use in other reporting tools.

Drill Down Reports

As a manager, you can view the compliance score of each of your direct reports. And you can track compliance of your team against individual initiatives.

Data Export

For planned audits or unexpected examinations, export your compliance data for use in other reporting tools.

My Compliance

Check the compliance status of yourself and your team at any time.

How Our Customers Use Compligo as the Backbone of Their CMS

  • Underwriters and loan officers need to be accountable for understanding policies covering unfair, deceptive, abusive acts and practices.

    To address this requirement with Compligo, the compliance manager creates a group in the system that includes employees with underwriter and loan officer roles.  

    She then assigns UDAAP policies and training to this group and schedules the distribution. As the underwriters and loan officers receive notification of pending activities, they log in to Compligo, read and sign off on the policies and complete assigned training.

    The compliance manager tracks their progress and follows up on any incomplete activities. The process repeats automatically for any new employees hired into those roles.

Compli offers a turnkey Compliance Management Solution for small lenders that provides the backbone for your Compliance Management System.

Included in the solution:

  • Compligo Platform
  • Consumer Finance for Lenders Policy Pack
  • CompliView
  • Consumer Complaint Tracking

Special pricing available for lenders with fewer than 30 employees.

Compli is a great platform that integrates every part of the business, from compliance to operations to HR.
Julie Kim
In-House Counsel & Compliance Officer / Sierra Credit Corp.
Compli offers a great, purpose-built platform that assigns, tracks and monitors any workforce compliance activity – not just training. The platform can help any organization rein in its compliance processes and execute them more efficiently, consistently, and effectively.
David Wentworth
Principal Analyst / Brandon Hall Group
Compliance has never been optional, but there are a lot of companies in the past who have operated that way. In light of recent events, compliance has really stepped up in the last few years, so we really have to make sure all of our bases are covered and make sure we're always in compliance at all times.
Andy Page
Director of Operations / Road Auto Finance
The training was pretty flawless. You know, I've dealt with a lot of different third party vendors as far as software, and they're usually not very fun to deal with. Compli was very, very good. I was honestly shocked about how easy it was. I just answered a few questions, and everybody over at Compli just kind of took it from there.
Andy Page
Director of Operations / Road Auto Finance
All my employees know what the rules are and they know where the boundaries are, and they know not to step out of bounds. So my capital source feels much more comfortable knowing that my employees know where out of bounds is.
Andy Page
Director of Operations / Road Auto Finance
All policies, procedures, training material, and personnel files are in a central location, and the search function makes it easy to find any file in the system.
Julie Kim
In-House Counsel & Compliance Officer / Sierra Credit Corp.
Compli eliminated inefficient internal processes and enabled us to focus on actual business matters.
Julie Kim
In-House Counsel & Compliance Officer / Sierra Credit Corp.


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