Automate Your HR & Compliance Initiatives

Compligo® transforms the way you manage your HR and compliance initiatives. Compligo takes the cost and complexity out of your compliance training, business processes, incident management and reporting. This helps your employees meet their regulatory and organizational requirements.
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All of your compliance activities in one place

Compligo takes the hassle out of managing your HR and compliance initiatives. Consolidate your assigned activities into a single view. This gives you one place to access policies, online training, and forms. Track your workforce’s compliance status to make sure there are no gaps.


Start your compliance activities in the Inbox. This is where you will find your assigned activities. Sign policies, take online training, review guidelines and fill out forms…all from one place.

Start a Form

Immediately access any form stored in your organization’s form library. Submit a Time-off request, update your W-4, fill out a data security incident report.

Compliance Score

Always know where you stand. Real-time compliance status of yourself and your team.

Automate Compliance Training

What employees know or don’t know can have a huge impact on your business…meaning compliance training is critical. If your employees don’t have the information they need to be successful, they make expensive mistakes. Compligo takes the hassle out of managing online training, assessments and policy distribution.

Online Training

Compli offers over 220 online courses covering the compliance topics critical to your business, Compli’s training solutions protect your organization now while ensuring your success for years to come. Compligo manages your compliance training – assigning courses and tracking completions.


Training in a vacuum is rarely effective. You need ways to validate comprehension of your training material. Use Compligo to build assessments, distribute to your employees and collect their responses to help verify understanding.

Policy & Document Distribution

Managing policies is critical to every HR and Compliance initiative. Compligo assigns policies, tracks digital signatures and provides version control in the event evidence is required for an audit, court case or other inspection.

Unlock Your Business Processes

Business processes are actions employees need to take to carry out an activity required as part of an HR or Compliance program. Automating these processes can save an organization significant time and money.

Information Collection

Examples: Emergency contact form, Pay Plan

Approval Workflow

Examples: Manager, HR, Compliance Office


Examples: Supplier Gift Disclosure, Conflict of Interest


Examples: Termination, Adverse Action Audit, Hazard Assessment Checklist

Policy Attestations

Time-stamped electronic signature to affirm understanding

Incident Report

Information Compromise Report, OSHA Accident/Injury Report Form

Incident Reporting

Show your organization’s commitment to compliance by giving employees an easy way to reports incidents.

Compligo provides integrated incident management tools that give the employee a way to report an incident. Admins can route reports to the right staff members, escalate critical incidents, and conduct investigations. With backend reporting tools, they can review all incidents and look for trends or high-risk areas within their organization.


Employees or consumers submit complaints via online form, email, phone, mail or face-to-face.

Reporting & Audit Management

Measure everything. Use executive-level dashboards and reports to gain insight into gaps within your compliance program and produce legally-required evidence. And audit your initiatives periodically to ensure they run as efficiently as possible and continue to protect your business.


Review executive dashboard and detailed drill-down reports to view compliance levels across the business. With the ability to easily identify hot spots (e.g. there are an unusually large number of harassment claims at the Northwest branch…), take corrective actions to reduce future incidents of non-compliance.

Drill Down Reports

As a manager, you can view the compliance score of each of your direct reports. And you can track compliance of your team against individual initiatives. Export your compliance data for use in other reporting tools.

Compliance Scoring

Check the compliance status of yourself and your team at any time.

Produce Evidence

Compligo tracks and time-stamps every action taken within the system. This makes it easy to produce evidence in the event of legal claims, audits or other inspections. Evidence includes policy attestation date/time, training completions records, and termination reports.
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Manage compliance across the entire employee lifecycle with Compligo’s hiring, recruiting, applicant tracking and payroll system integrations. 


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