Compligo for Trucking

Compligo® helps transportation companies like yours stay in compliance with DOT regulations, and keep your fleet at full capacity. It’s an efficient way to  onboard and train your drivers and keep track of their violations.
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Your Fleet’s Solution for Driver Onboarding, Orientation and Safety Monitoring

The cloud-based system is easy-to-use and mobile-enabled. Compligo provides a turn-key way to:

  • Manage driver qualification tasks
  • Onboard and train drivers
  • Track and mitigate CSA violations 

All so you run your operations as efficiently as possible while remaining audit-ready for DOT examiners.

Add New Hires

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You have hired a new driver

Driver Qualification

Managing the driver qualification tasks. It’s painfully time consuming for most HR departments. Tracking down paperwork, gathering signatures, storing everything in file cabinets, it never ends. Why not manage all your Driver Qualification tasks in a single online location?

DQ File

Safety and HR Managers gather all forms, certifications and records required as part of your qualification process. The DQ file includes:
• Application for Employment
• Verification of Previous Employment
• Motor Vehicle Records from states for new hires, going back 3 years
• Annual MVR from states for current drivers
• Annual review of driving record / Driver’s Annual list of violations
• Road test form and certificate
• Proof of medical certification
• Proof of CDL
• Proof of TWIC
• Proof of Passport / Passport Card
• Social Security Card

All items are stored electronically and stored in each drivers’ personnel file.

HR Forms

Distribute and collect HR forms through Compligo as well. HR forms including W-9, I-9, direct deposit, Emergency Contact, Drug and Alcohol consent are automatically assigned to your new drivers to fill out and e-sign online.

Personnel File

Each driver has their own personnel file in Compligo. Drivers access their personnel file at any time and administrators can view all driver personnel files to see what forms have been filed and which are still in progress. Admins can easily track down missing forms and records to ensure DQ files are complete and in compliance with DOT’s driver qualification requirements.

Driver Onboarding and Training

Once you’ve hired and qualified a new driver, you need to get them up to speed quickly.  Your new drivers need to read and understand policies, complete new driver training, and understand company culture fast so they can get out on the road.


Start your compliance activities in the Inbox. This is where you will find your assigned activities. Sign policies, take online training, review guidelines and fill out forms…all from one place.

Online Training

Compli partners with experts in the transportation industry to deliver driver training covering these topics:
• CSA Fundamentals
• Hours of Service
• Driver Fitness BASIC
• Controlled Substances/Alcohol
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Crash Indicator
• Unsafe Driving
Your drivers take courses online within Compligo, not in person at your training center – saving you time and money.

Deliver your own Custom Training

Your company has its own way of doing things: You have your own company culture, you have proper loading/unloading procedures, and other processes specific to your fleet. Make sure your drivers understand this by creating custom training that shows exactly how you expect things to get done. With Compligo, deliver and track training videos that you produce. Create assessments and track usage as well.
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CSA Dashboard

Track violations and identify at-risk drivers with Compligo’s integrated CSA Dashboard., Compligo imports new inspections assigned to your company nightly from the FMCSA Compass site. Get a dashboard view of the data, and sort violations by type, driver, severity and other criteria, helping you identify areas of risk.

Tracking and Reporting

Track everything: from DQ file completions, to training, to CSA violations. In Compligo, every activity is time-stamped and easy to report on. This gives you the tools to uncover deficiencies and fix problems. This feedback loop helps you improve your processes and procedures. 


Get a visual, up-to-the-minute view of your all driver’s compliance status.

Drill Down Reports

As a manager, you can view the compliance score of each of your direct reports. And you can track compliance of your team against individual initiatives.

Data Exports

For planned audits or unexpected examinations, export your compliance data for use in other reporting tools.

My Compliance

For planned audits or unexpected examinations, export your compliance data for use in other reporting tools.
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Watch the2-Minute Video

A Proactive Approach to Driver Compliance

Unlike an LMS or a policy management application, Compligo lets you take a proactive approach to managing Driver compliance. You define what activity needs to happen, who’s required to complete it and when it needs to happen.

For your Driver Qualification and Safety Compliance program, you define:

What the program initiatives are
(Onboarding, CSA Monitoring)

Who needs to be assigned each initiative
(New hires, existing drivers)

When assigned activities need to be completed
(Upon hire, and annually thereafter)


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