Hireology + Compligo Integration

It’s hard to hire the best person for the job. And once they are hired, keeping them up to speed on changing HR, compliance, and regulatory requirements gets expensive and time-consuming. You need a systematic way to hire, onboard and manage ongoing workforce programs – to save time, money, and protect your business from employee-driven risk.

Everything You Need to Build Your Best Team and Help Them Succeed

The Hireology and Compligo platforms are now integrated. They work together to help you easily find the right candidates, efficiently complete hiring and onboarding processes, and keep employees on track with ongoing regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Hire Quality Employees
  • Seamlessly Onboard New Hires
  • Automate Error-Prone Processes
  • Accelerate Time to Productivity
  • Track Progress and Success
Hireology Compli Integration

Hireology + Compligo Integration

Upon hire, employee data from Hireology transfers seamlessly to Compligo.

On their first day, your new hire has a Compligo account, personnel file, and an inbox ready and waiting for them, chock full of onboarding activities to get them started on the right foot. Your new hire’s account is created and data passed over automatically, without your HR staff having to lift a finger.

Compligo Inbox

The Compligo inbox is where employees find the policies, online training, videos, forms, and other activities they need to complete.

Personnel File

In Compligo, every employee has a personnel file which stores their user details, a listing of assigned activities, and the current status for each.

Managers view the Compliance Scores of their team here as well.

Track Progress & Success

Track progress of compliance activities across teams and individual employees with a breakdown of tasks that are past due, not started, in progress, or completed. Compligo also provides a central location for executives to view compliance dashboards including overall compliance score and percentage of users who are compliant.


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