Integration: Hyrell
Applicant Tracking

Manage the entire employee lifecycle the right way with Hyrell & Compligo. Integrated together, these two cloud-based platforms ensure you easily find the right candidates, efficiently take them through hiring & onboarding processes, and keep them current on your regulatory and compliance requirements.

Hiring, Onboarding, and Workforce Compliance
Made Simple with Automation

Hiring made easy with a cloud-based pre-hire applicant tracking solution that lets you easily find, qualify, and hire the best applicants for your specific needs.

As applicant traffic is directed right into your branded hiring system, they are immediately scored, ranked, and sorted — allowing you to focus on only the most qualified candidates – resulting in a more efficient process and ultimately better employees.

And with our integration, your new hire’s user info is passed through to Compligo, automatically creating their personnel file. And that’s not all. When your new employee logs into Compligo on their first day, all of their assigned onboarding content (employee handbook, W-4/I-9, forms, harassment prevention training) will be waiting for them in their inbox. With this streamlined process, your new employees will become productive sooner.

Businesses that employ talent acquisition suites improve their time to hire by 3.5% and their cost per hire by 6.6%.

– Aberdeen Group Report, 2015

“Our process is now quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective. Thanks to the virtual interview portion of the application, we can quickly identify the strongest candidates and move them through our process faster.”
Cindy Scovish
Human Resources
Dempsey Uniform and Linen

Hyrell Key Features:

Job Postings

• Customized company-branded careers page
• Free organic position advertising on leading internet job boards

Applicant Evaluation

• Job specific questions/applications
• Pre-scored applicant delivery
• Unique Virtual Interview process

Candidate Tracking & Management

• Automated interview scheduling and management
• Automated reference checks with custom forms

Account Management & User Control

• User Roles and permissions
• Department/location-based visibility and access
• Custom views and applicant stages

Additional Integrated Services

• Background check
• Assessment/personality testing

Awesome Support

• Dedicated account manager
• Live phone support during business hours
• Searchable knowledgebase and community help

Reporting and Analytics

• EEO collection and reporting
• Position and applicant metrics
• Applicant source tracking


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