Compligo for Vehicle Dealers

Compligo® transforms the way you manage your onboarding program, HR policies, Fair Lending regulations, and environment health & safety procedures.
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Safeguard Your Dealership from Workforce Compliance Risks

Compligo makes it easier for everyone to stay in compliance by integrating all your initiatives in one system. The cloud-based system is mobile-enabled and simple to use for both employees and administrators.

With Compligo, you can:

  • Streamline your onboarding program
  • Integrate all your ongoing compliance initiatives
  • Monitor & report on all activities

All so you can contain costs, reduce hassle and safeguard your business.

All of your compliance activities in one place

Compligo takes the hassle out of compliance. Consolidate your assigned activities into a single view. This gives you one place to access policies, online training, and forms. Track your workforce’s compliance status to make sure there are no gaps.


Think of your Home tab as your compliance control panel. Here you can quickly access your Inbox, as well as your Draft, In Process, and Completed items.


Start your compliance activities in the Inbox. This is where you will find your set of assigned compliance activities, such as your Employee Handbook, Harassment Prevention Training, Sales and Marketing Compliance Policies, and much more.

After each employee reviews & signs-off on policies and completes online training, Compligo updates both their compliance score and personnel file.


Need to fill out a Direct Deposit form or update your Emergency Contact information? Locate any form you need right from the home page.

Content Solutions for Dealership Compliance

Your HR & compliance programs need the right content – developed by industry experts who understand your exposure. Compli partners with employment law, workplace safety and financial services experts to develop industry-specific content to keep you cool, calm and compliant. Take advantage of these out-of-the-box policies, forms and assessments built specifically for dealerships.

  • Specialized human resources online training, forms, guidelines and reference materials for supervisors on human resource issues. Sample topics:

    • Discrimination & Harassment
    • Hiring
    • Progressive Discipline
    • Recognizing Disabilities
    • Separation
    • FMLA
    • Records Retention
    • Wage and Hour
    • New Hire Orientation
    • Employee Handbook
    • Disabilities
    • Employee Forms
  • Policies, online training, forms and assessments pertaining to regulations put forth for auto dealerships by bodies like the Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Sample topics:

    • Equal Credit Opportunity Act/Regulation B
    • Truth in Lending Act/Regulation Z
    • Credit Application Process
    • Adverse Action Policy
    • Fair Debt Collections Practices
    • Telephone Consumer Practices
    • Service Member Civil Relief Act
    • Risk Based Pricing
    • OFAC/USA Patriot Act
    • GLBA
  • Online training, workflows, audit workflows, forms, policies, guidelines, and reference materials related to occupational safety and employee health concerns for your workforce. Sample topics:

    • Hazard Communication
    • Emergency Action Plan
    • General Safety (Injury & Illness Protection)
    • Ergonomics
  • Online training, guidelines, and reference materials for front-of-the-house sales and advertising teams, consumer interactions, marketing practices, and disclosures of information. Sample topics:

    • Money Laundering and Cash Reporting Rule
    • Red Flags Program
    • Telemarketing
    • Email & Fax
    • FTC Used Car Rule and Federal Odometer Act
    • Menu Selling & Packing
    • Spot Delivery & Re-contracting
    • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
    • Negative Equity
    • Consumer Leasing Act/Regulation M
  • Online training, workflows, audit workflows, forms, policies, guidelines, and reference materials to help ensure your workplace safety for your employees throughout your organization.

    • Hazardous Materials
    • Accident Reporting
    • Storm Water Pollution
    • Air Quality
    • Green Dealerships Initiative
  • The California Sales Desking policy pack includes policies, workflows, guidelines, and reference documents for front-of-the-house sales and advertising teams, consumer interactions, marketing practices, and disclosures of information – specific to California. This policy pack is designed to expressly deal with navigating the tricky waters of sales desking compliance in California.

Time Off Tracker

Submit and approve time off requests quickly and easily.

HR Management Hotline

Get practical human resources information and guidance pertaining to a variety of human resources topics.

Third Party Integrations

Round out your workforce compliance management ecosystem with Compligo’s third party applicant tracking and payroll system integrations. 

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Compliance Dashboards and Reporting

Measure everything. Use executive-level dashboards and reports to gain insight into gaps within your compliance program. Assess compliance levels by department, location, supervisory level or by individual. With this insight you can uncover deficiencies, and fix problems. Create a feedback loop to help you improve your processes and procedures.


Get a visual, up-to-the-minute view of your entire organization’s compliance status. Export your compliance data for use in other reporting tools.

Drill Down Reports

As a manager, you can view the compliance score of each of your direct reports. And you can track compliance of your team against individual initiatives.

Data Exports

For planned audits or unexpected examinations, export your compliance data for use in other reporting tools.

My Compliance

Check the compliance status of yourself and your team at any time.

Support Any Compliance Activity

Manage policies, online training, forms, even a video from the CEO. Compligo automates your organization’s wide range of compliance activities. 

How Our Customers Use Compligo Streamline Their HR and Compliance Processes

  • Your Sales F&I team need to be accountable for understanding policies covering unfair, deceptive, abusive acts and practices. To address this requirement with Compligo, the compliance manager creates a group in the system that includes employees with Sales F&I roles.

    She then assigns UDAAP policies and training to this group and schedule the distribution. As the employees receive notification of pending activities, they log in to Compligo, read and sign off on the policies and complete assigned training. The Compliance manager tracks their progress, and follows up on any incomplete activities.

    The process repeats automatically for any new employees hired into Sales F&I roles.

  • It’s Day 1 for your new employee. He needs to understand company policies, fill out new hire forms and take required training.

    1.      Your new hire logs into Compligo and sees his inbox containing all assigned content (policies, forms, training and assessments)

    2.      He opens W4 form link and fills out the required information. The form then routes to HR for processing and filing.

    3.      He opens Code of Conduct policy, reads and attests that he understands the contents. Attestation notification routes to the new hire’s manager for approval and then to the compliance manager. Attestation time stamp gets filed in the new hire’s personnel file. And the activity gets filed in his Completed folder.

    4.      Your new hire searches for Emergency Contact form from forms library, fills it out, clicks submit. This information also gets stored in his personnel file.

    5.      Lastly, he opens the Harassment Prevention online training and completes it. This activity filed in his Completed folder and Compligo sends completion notification sent to his manager and to HR.

A Proactive Approach

Unlike an LMS or a policy management application, Compligo lets you take a proactive approach to managing compliance. You define what activity needs to happen, who’s required to complete it and when it needs to happen.

For your dealership’s compliance program, you define:

What the program initiatives are
(Sales F&I Compliance, New Hire onboarding, EH&S)

Who needs to be assigned each initiative
(Sales associates, technicians)

When assigned activities need to be completed
(Upon hire, and annually thereafter)


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