Seeing is Believing

CompliView® is an interactive video platform within Compligo that lets you enhance, distribute and track video content, helping bring your compliance program to life.

Grab attention and get your point across using video

Use CompliView to add interactive features that increase engagement, expand reach and improve effectiveness of your videos.

Separate videos into manageable chapters for easier navigation

Create custom paths in your videos to better target content to your users

Quizzes, Polls & Surveys
Embed assessments to test comprehension or collect feedback

Text Overlays
Add titles or text labels

Link to any web page

Insert images to add additional context

Breathe Life into your
Corporate Compliance Program

Add a layer of interactivity and engagement to any corporate compliance program or initiative:

Employee Handbook
Add a personal voice to your employee handbook by adding a video introduction featuring your HR team.

Equipment Safety Training
Show employees how to use equipment safely within your work environment.

Code of Conduct
Bring your code of conduct to life with a video introduction from your CEO.

Benefits Enrollment
Help employees wade through the complicated process of benefit enrollment using videos to walk them through step by step.

Hazardous Materials Training
Demonstrate how to use hazardous materials within your organization with on-the-job video snippets

New Hire Onboarding
Make your new employees feel at home in your organization with a welcome video from your leadership team.

Seamless Integration with Compligo

CompliView is tightly integrated with Compligo, providing a seamless solution for distributing, managing and tracking video content. Working together, you have the tools to engage your workforce and expand the reach of your compliance programs with compelling video content.

Give your dry, boring compliance policies, procedures and forms a boost by including engaging video content.

Make your message hit home with personalized, relevant content.

Develop content quickly to help your workforce keep pace with evolving regulatory requirements.

Support different learning styles and preferences.


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