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Compli’s solution sets contain policies, training, forms, and assessments that cover your most critical areas of risk. And Compligo manages the underlying business processes to schedule, assign and track your initiative content.

Solution Sets are written by respected legal advisors from organizations like Hudson Cook, Fisher Philips and other recognized leaders in hr management, employment law, and regulatory compliance.

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Solution Set Catalog

 HR Initiatives

HR for Employees & Managers

Geared toward both employees and supervisors, this Initiative contains policies, forms, training and assessments addressing the many human resources issues across the employee lifecycle – from hire to retire.

  • New Hire Forms (W-4, I-9, Emergency Contact)
  • Employee Handbook
  • Performance Review
  • Ethics in the workplace
  • FMLA policy
  • Wage and Hour Training
  • Investigation and Discipline Procedures
  • Termination Guidelines and Forms

Harassment Prevention

A solid harassment prevention initiative educates, reinforces, and demonstrates your company’s commitment to maintaining a safe and productive workplace. Compli’s Harassment Prevention Solution, developed with the EEOC’s best practices, does just that.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Ethical violations in the workplace lead to expensive litigation, damage to your reputation, and hit your bottom line. Reduce the risk of ethical violations with policies and training for your Ethics & Code of Conduct initiatives.

  • Code of Conduct
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Gifts and Hospitality
  • Non-retaliation
  • Business Integrity
  • Data Privacy


Cyber-security initiatives rolled out through Compli provide training, policies, and guidance to help you avoid common IT security pitfalls encountered by end users.

  Safety Initiatives

Environment, Health, & Safety

Reduce fines. Lower absentee rates. Save on insurance premiums. With Compli’s Environment, Health & Safety Solution Set, you can rest assured your occupational safety and employee health compliance and training is covered.

  • Hazardous Waste
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Hazardous Energy Control
  • Accident Investigation
  • Hazard Communication
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Ergonomics

OSHA Comprehensive

Take proactive measures to keep your workforce safe and productive.  Compli’s OSHA Comprehensive Solution Set, is based on OSHA’s 30 hour training guideline.

  • Introduction to OSHA Training
  • OSHA 300 Recordkeeping Training
  • Introduction to Industrial Hygiene Training
  • Injury Report Form
  • OSHA 301 Accident/Injury Report Form

Spanish EH&S

For Spanish-speaking members of your workforce, Compli offers translated EH&S policy and training content.

  • Hazard Communication: An Employee’s Right to Know
  • Safety Data Sheets 
  • PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness 
  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness 
  • Fall Protection 
  • Lockout/Tagout for Authorized Persons
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls 

Industry-Specific Solution Sets

  Vehicle Dealers

Consumer Finance for
Auto Dealers

Policies, online training, forms and assessments for auto dealer compliance to support Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations.

  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act/Regulation B

  • Truth in Lending Act/Regulation Z

  • Adverse Action Policy

  • Fair Debt Collections Practices

  • Service Member Civil Relief Act

  • OFAC/USA Patriot Act

  • GLBA

Sales & Marketing Compliance

Training workflows, guidelines, and reference materials for front-of-the-house sales and advertising, consumer interactions, marketing practices, and disclosures of information.

  • Money Laundering and Cash Reporting Rule

  • Red Flags Program

  • Telemarketing

  • FTC Used Car Rule and Federal Odometer Act

  • Spot Delivery & Re-contracting

  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

  • Consumer Leasing Act/Regulation M

NADA Fair Credit Compliance Policy & Program

Guidelines, policies and templates needed to conform to NADA’s Fair Credit Compliance Policy & Program

  • Overview of NADA Fair Credit Compliance Policy Program Templates

  • Dealership Fair Credit Compliance Program

  • Fair Credit Policy – Statement of Dealership Commitment

  • Dealer Participation Rate

  • Inventory Reduction Criteria

  • Appointment and Policy Program Approval

  • Dealer Participation Certification Form

  Consumer Lending


Consumer Finance for Lenders

Policies, forms and assessments for lending facilities that address the concerns of regulating bodies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Department of Justice.

  • OFAC Compliance     

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Red Flags Rule

  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

  • The Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B

  • The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Regulation P

  • Truth in Lending Act/Regulation Z

  • Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Practices

Driver Qualification &
Driver Safety Training

Maintain your Driver Qualification files, and provide online driver safety training to reduce onboarding time and protect your fleet from safety-related violations.

  • CSA Fundamentals
  • DOT: Hours of Service
  • Ergonomics and Injury Prevention for Commercial Vehicle Operators        
  • DOT: Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • DOT: Inspections
  • DOT: Air Brakes
  • Flatbed Cargo Securement

  Additional Solution Sets

Customer Service Training

Online training for improving customer service skills.

  • Customer Service Fundamentals: Building Rapport in Customer Relationships
  • Customer Service Over the Phone
  • Developing Your Customer Focus
  • The Angry Caller: What’s Your Plan?
  • Creating and Sustaining a Customer-focused Organization
  • Customer Advocacy: Communicating to Build Trusting Customer Relationships
  • Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict

Workplace Skills

Online training to keep you staff’s workplace skills up to date.

  • Business Writing: How to Write Clearly and Concisely
  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Communication Methods that Make Sense–and Make Your Point
  • Creating a Positive Attitude
  • Getting Results without Direct Authority: Persuasive Communication
  • Handling Difficult Conversations Effectively
  • The Internet, Social Media, and Electronic Communication

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